Preferred Lenders

Preferred Lenders

Preferred Lenders

Here at Bloomfield Homes, we pride ourselves in not only building dream homes for our customers, but we also refer the best lenders in the Metroplex to provide our customers with the best homebuying experience.

Our Preferred Lenders offer competitive rates and a variety of mortgage products to fit different needs, from fixed-rate loans for stability to adjustable-rate mortgages for affordability. They also go the extra mile in educating our customers on their options and finding the loan the best suits their financial situation.

AMSW Lending
Your Local, Trusted Lender
NMLS Number:#1772486

We believe owning a home is one of the greatest wealth builders out there.  So our goal is to make homeownership more accessible, and to help more people buy homes.  Where honesty counts.  

    - Lender Credit thru the AMSW Direct Platform

    - Low Rates & Fees

    - Manually Underwritten Loans for Credit Challenged Buyers

    - Free Refinance on the Property for Life

    - Portfolio Products to Meet All Needs

    - Home to Home Program to Bridge the Sale of Your Current Home

    - Credit Repair Available for Credit Challenged Buyers

    - Self-Employed, ITIN, Bank Statement Loans, 100% Financing and many other Specialty Programs Available

    - Your Number One Specialist in FHA, VA and USDA Loans

    - Spanish Speaking Loan Officers Available

Justin Hrabovsky
Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer
NMLS Number:#1022103

The Hrabovsky Team at CMG Home Loans provides a consultative advisor approach to finding the best home loan solution that aligns with each buyer’s specific needs and unique goals. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, repeat/move-up buyer, or savvy investor, we seek to be your trusted mortgage advisor for life!

            - Extraordinary Service (ECETNENE motto– Every Customer, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses)

            - Low Rates & Fees (Below Market)

            - Diverse Mortgage Product Menu (A Loan Solution for Everyone)

            - Quick Closings (As Fast As 8 Days)

            - Rate Rebound (Free Refinances For 5 Years)

            - Lender Incentives (Such As Lender-Paid Title and/or Additional Lender Credits)

Donnie Walton
Senior Mortgage Consultant
NMLS Number:#269841

Personalized service and a commitment to finding the right loan for your needs, I make getting a mortgage simple and stress-free. Contact me today to get started on your path to homeownership!

Tish Ashley
SVP/Area Manager
NMLS Number:#346789
Lauren Stamper
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS Number:#1409982


    - No Lender Fees Refinance

    - Finance Pool/Outdoor Kitchen with your Home Purchase

    - Down Payment Assistance Available

    - Texas Vet Loans because We Love our Veterans

    - Over 1600 5-Star Customer Reviews

    - Soft Credit Check for Loan Pre-Qualification, No Impact to Score

Patty Newby
Thrive Mortgage - theLoanDesigner
NMLS Number:#194741

Unlock the perfect mortgage plan, Designed to save you money, whether moving quickly or building from scratch. theLoanDesigners provide expert financial advice to everyone, including our Veterans and First-Time Buyers, with solutions for our Seniors. We offer Special financial incentives to save you money. **Home2Home allows you to Buy Now & Sell Later, skipping the contingent offer and double move.

    - Home2Home, 100% Financing**

    - Great Rates!

    - A Path4Home (need credit TLC)

    - ThriveMAX 100% Financing (FHA limits)

    - Self-employed Options (WOW!)

    - ITIN

    - Dr Programs

    - Refi Savings in the Future

Get the 'wow' factor offering genuine compassion. We’re here to guide you with a tailored mortgage Designed to save you money and fit your life perfectly. Call or text us at 972-534-5626.

The Bloomfield Mortgage Team at SFMC
NMLS Number:#166487

The Bloomfield Mortgage Team at SFMC is here to help design the perfect mortgage based on your needs.  Using mortgage analytics, we will show you the most cost-effective mortgage option at closing and provide strategies that save long-term interest while maximizing equity growth.

For Bloomfield clients, we provide a lender credit of up to $3,000 plus we’ll reduce your mortgage rate by 1% for the first year.  Whether you're buying your first home or last we have all mortgage options to meet your needs and a seasoned team of experts to ensure a great experience.